What is Inner Pod?


Inner Pod is a podcast about people and stories. It’s primarily about mental health: when it goes good, when it goes bad, when it just is.

You don’t have to be a master storyteller, you don’t have to have an inspirational ending, or any ending at all. It’s going to be dark and heavy at times, but also funny (maybe painfully so), and happy and everything in between. It might not even succeed, but I won’t know unless I try.


I want a space for people to share their stories in whatever way makes them comfortable. For catharsis, for confession, for solidarity. I want people to know they’re not alone.

There are plenty of story telling podcasts around, like The Moth or Risk! which showcase the power of story telling. There isn’t one dedicated to mental health though. Until now. I want this to be a space for sharing stories, sharing experiences, and give people a safe space for people to express themselves around mental health: theirs, other people’s, whatever.


There are many ways you can share your experiences with us:

  • Contact us to be on the show. I can record over Skype or Google Hangouts
  • Leave a voicemail. You can leave a Skype voicemail, the Skype ID is Innerpod.
  • Send a text story. Email innerpod@gmail.com, or if you’d rather be anonymous completely, you can use the contact form to send a submission.
  • We have submission guidelines and suggestions on our Submissions page

What, exactly, are you after?

Honestly? Anything. Everything. From the mundane to the out there, the sad to the hilarious. Mental health doesn’t limit itself to the inspirational or the heartwarming, and neither does this podcast. Wallow in your pain, get angry at yourself, at others, at the universe, be defiant and happy. If you want to share it, I want to hear it.

What happens to my stuff?

It’ll be here and/or on the podcast feed. You’ll get attributed on the posts, in the audio, and possibly anywhere we advertise. If you don’t want that, just let me know, and you’ll get a fake name (or you can make one up! Dibs on Burt Macklin, FBI, though).

Who are you people anyway?

My name is Gem Hill, I am a software tester and wannabe podcaster. I’ve written about my own mental health on my blog. I have many friends helping me out, among them Mike Bell, who has similarly spoken about his own mental health.