Episode 7: Ed on OSMI

Joining me on Inner Pod this time is Ed Finkler! Ed is a developer, podcaster, and as of this month, a full time mental health activist!

He founded OSMI, a non-profit dedicated to changing mental health in the tech community. Not only do they want to encourage people to be open about their mental health, they also have workbooks and resources so companies and organisations can change their thinking and processes around mental health.

We talk about his own mental health and how he went from tech talks at conferences to mental health talks to working full time for a non-profit dedicated to it, crowd-funding, what companies can do to help everyone with their mental health and much more.

OSMI is currently going through a funding round, with some great rewards for donating. Find out more and give if you can here.

Episode 6: Liv on recovery

Content notes: Addiction and recovery (alcohol, prescription painkillers), food and relationships to food.

I talk to Liv from Liv’s Recovery Kitchen! We discuss her recovery from addiction, moving to America to make it as a writer, moving from writing for recovery to writing as a career, and cooking and food.

Liv can be found at http://www.livsrecoverykitchen.com/ and I highly recommend checking it out, she does great interviews, and recipes, and some wonderful writing about healing and recovery.

Episode two: Anxiety with Mike Bell

Finally I can unveil episode two! I talk anxiety with Mike Bell. Mike has spoken and written about mental health for a few years now, and you can find some of his writing at his blog.

We cover: