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We don’t want to restrict your submission, but if a format would be helpful, or if you need a nudge, consider the following ideas. Feel free to pick and choose what makes sense/feels comfortable for you.

  • Stories come in many different forms: Mononyms – or hero’s story – tells of a journey, a linear start to finish story. In media res drops someone right in the middle of a story – the tv episode that starts with someone running, shooting, and then, after, tells you the why and the how they ended up there.
  • Life is messy, and while all stories come to an end, resolutions are rarer. You don’t have a resolution? Fine! Tell us where you are now, or where you were then. The ending of your story doesn’t have to be now, it could be then.
  • Be honest. When it comes to storytelling in this sense honesty is important and will grab people’s attention
  • Change names and identifying details as needed
  • The story can be as dark or as light as you want. The laughter can be painful, the tears angry. We are a messy species. Go with it
  • This is not a family friendly show, for the most part
  • If all else fails, set the scene. I was sixteen, and in my room, the first time I realised I was not straight or I was waiting for the therapist to call my name, and there was a screaming child in the doctor’s waiting room.
  • We will not question your experiences. You went outside the normal path? Cool, tell us about that
  • Generally speaking? Write first, edit later

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