An Announcement

Hello listeners!

Over the past 7 months we’ve had 9 excellent episodes. Don’t worry, this isn’t a final episode. It’s just a change. Inner Pod is moving to a series or season format. Let’s call this the end of season 0. Season 1 will start in the autumn.

Talking about mental health is, unsurprisingly, hard. On top of this, life happens, schedules move, (both mine and my guests) and this means episodes get delayed. So I’ve come to the conclusion I’d rather spend some time getting a run of episodes together, release them regularly, then repeat the process. This will remove all subconscious pressure to get an episode out and free me and my guests up to focus on telling the best story they can.

I am definitely not giving up the podcast. I have 4 or 5 people who want to come on the show, who are in various stages of working on their episodes.

While I’m here, I wanted to go through the process in a bit more detail in case people were curious about coming on the show, or wanted more details before committing.

It starts by getting in contact. Sometimes I’ll contact you, but a lot of the time, you’ll need to contact me, at least in passing. Then we chat and decide if it makes sense to continue/if you’re comfortable with it. We decided on a format (just a chat? Would you rather have a formal structure?), and anything you definitely want to touch on/definitely want to avoid.

Once you’re happy, we record. Then I go away and edit and send over to you for approval. You may decide after talking to me that you don’t want to listen. That’s fine. If you want to listen to give final approval, that’s great. Any edit notes, I’m happy to make them. You want the episode to not go out after all? Fine. This isn’t an episode of Inner Pod, it’s your episode or submission. If you’re not comfortable, it doesn’t get published. I can’t control what happens once it’s out there, but I can give you control of what goes out and when.

At no point is there any obligation. At any point you can decide not to be on the show, and that’s fine.

All of this does not link to an episode every two weeks. It just doesn’t. So, time for a change. Like I said, I have a few people ready to come on the show, and plenty of space for more. I might put some written submissions or bonus episodes out in the meantime.

Thank you so much for your support, and see you in a few months!